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What journalism students need to know: New skills for a new model

After attending the C&binet conference in London, which saw an impressive group of media representatives and government officials get together to discuss the state of the media and the future of journalism, the importance of passing on this information to the next generation of journalists seemed imperative.

At City University New York, journalism students are taught entrepreneurship and business. Jeff Jarvis is clear a new set of skills for burgeoning journalists is essential for the changing climate of news. Students should learn to be stewards of journalism – learning how to set up hyperlocal sites and invite and train collaborators and turn the news site into a successful business.

Details of the hypothetical news model from CUNY can be found here – and it is in the process of being translated for the UK.

It is clear from developments in the US – which the UK will and is beginning to duly follow – journalism students need to be taught or encouraged to do entrepreneurship to make sure they take off in the new climate – rather than fall flat on their face because their traditional skill-set no longer stands up to what is required. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by hrwaldram

October 29, 2009 at 4:55 pm

What the government should do about hyperlocal news

Prominent voices in the hyperlocal debate gathered at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport today to talk about the changing landscape of news and media and, if anything, what the government should do.

Arranged by Minister for Creative Industries SiĆ“n Simon, and chaired by CEO of GroundReport Rachel Sterne and founder of Talk About Local William Perrin, the conference – called C&binet Seminar – was a collision of talking heads about their experiences and thoughts on the state of local and national news and their plans or predictions for the future of journalism.

Sessions focused on a number of areas in the debate, introduced with a presentation from those with particular knowledge of a field, and were followed by passionate discussions with attendees drawing on their own research and experiences. A number of key issues emerged and over on the Podnosh website will be running a series of blogposts featuring key points which were raised on the following subjects:

  • The state of newspapers and the value of news
  • Hyperlocal news models
  • Council reporting – who should do it?
  • What the journalism students need to know
  • Freeing up public data
  • Libel laws for online journalism

See the rest of this post here.

Written by hrwaldram

October 29, 2009 at 4:40 pm