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Looking back on 2012 – one of my favourite community projects

One of the 52 weeks photos from Helen Ogbourn

One of the 52 weeks photos from Helen Ogbourn

Community builds up over time. One of my favourite projects of the year, which was based on noticing a sharing trend among an existing community and building on this over time, was the 52 weeks project.

I’ve written a blogpost about the project and what it entailed over on the Guardian photography blog here. And we made a special video to showcase some of the best images from the project embedded here.

You can see what it took to run the group in this post here. Overall it was incredibly rewarding, just look at the interactions between users on this opening introduction post and thoughts from users looking back on the year here.

Over Christmas I’ve had a number of messages from group members (of which there are more than 800 in total) thanking me for running the project. I think some of the reasons the project was so successful and brought joy to so many was due to the fact it was based on an idea which came from the community, was constructed in a way similar to other projects/groups I’d taken part in which worked well (such as project document, the 4am project and thing a week), encouraged members to reward and interact with each other through tip sharing and favouriting, regularly fed back to the community and took on board their suggestions to shape the project, and showed some of the outcomes of the project with weekly roundups.

Overall it’s been a great project to work on and I hope can inspire you to do something different which brings people online together in 2013. Happy New Year!

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December 31, 2012 at 12:23 pm

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