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Integrated storytelling: NewsRewired 2011

With Storify very much the darling of storytelling tolls at this NewsRewired conference session I’ve pulled in my notes from the session alongside tweets, videos and pictures in a Storify – I’ll be posting here with more from the other sessions I went to soon

Here’s what it said about the session in the agenda:

Integrated storytelling

The opportunities for multimedia storytelling online are vast — from video, photographs and audio to social media, visualisations and mapping — but how can journalists bring together an array of different online platforms to tell stories in the most effective way? This session will look at the collection of tools out there to do just this, and some top tips on how to curate and collect the best content for the platform.

With: Xavier Damman, co-founder, Storify; Adam Westbrook, online video journalist and lecturer and blogger; Stephen Abbott, executive producer, culture, the Guardian and Andy Cotgreave, senior product consultant, Tableau Software.

Adam Westbrook said if he was going to tell the story of the conference session he’d probably use Storify – and with the new media tool in the spotlight I thought it apt to pull together my notes on the session with other tweets, photos, audios and bits of media to tell a snippet of what was said.

First up Adam Westbrookwith a snazzy photopresentation. Here are my notes:Adam is fascinated by storytelling. As an industry its something we could be a lot better at, he said. We should move from the inverted pyramid and figure of eight ways of telling stories. @bettydraper– Twitter account run by users to help tell the story.People want to get involved in the story – it”s becoming more immersive. But you should always start with the story. Create content specifically for platforms e.g audioboo reporters roaming something just for the web audience.

Immersive storytelling — how does this apply to journalism? Something we need to think about.

Next up Stephen Abbott

Matt Weaver was named the human storify, Abbott looked at Guardian fashion on tumblr — he talked about making the best of the platform to work at best speed, and used examples like Aleks Krotoski’s tumblr notebook.

Aleks Krotoski untangling the web

“…the metaphors of “place’ and “tool’ most appropriately represent the use of technology in contemporary society, especially given the advent of social media.” White, D. S. & Le Cornu, A. (2011, Sept). Visitors and residents: A new typology for online engagement. First Monday, Vol 16(9).
. @stephen_abbott hat tips @Matthew_weaver ‘human storify’ for live blog coverage of #arabspring #newsrw and how uses new tools in live way
October 6, 2011
Guardian fashion on tumblr

London, Paris, New York, Milan: this Guardian Fashion blog is dedicated to news and coverage of all the fashion weeks. Follow the team on Twitter: Jess Cartner-Morley, Head of…

Q for Stephen: Don’t the tools alienate people? A: Find the best place to tell the stories — if breaking on Twitter or social media then use storify. Weird hypothetical question about “what if the guardian didn”t have those platforms”

I’m afraid I didn’t take any notes in Andy Cotgreave’s speech as I was busy sorting out a technical issue.

RT @joelmgunter: Amazing demo from @tableau’s @acotgreave turning (admittedly v. clean) data set into multi-level interactive visualisation in 6 mins #newsrw
October 6, 2011

Xavier Damman got up to speak about Storify and showed some examples which other speakers had touched on – like the Guardian’s use of storify to cover the Troy Davies execution – it’s because social media is faster than news organisations, Damman said.

RT @Frost_J: In Integrated Storytelling #newsrw and co-founder of @Storify has taken the floor: Must read @JosephStash. #2a
October 6, 2011
RT @aaroscape: Storify as a tool to amplify the voices that matter @xdamman #newsrw
October 6, 2011
In Integrated Storytelling #newsrw and co-founder of @Storify has taken the floor: Must read @JosephStash. #2a
October 6, 2011
800m+ people on social networks – everyone is a reporter now, but not everyone is a journalist – we can impact wide audiences. How? By capturing the voices that matter and amplify them. Search mulitple sources from social media and drag and drop those elements into your story.
Everybody is a reporter, not everyone is a journalist #newsrw #2a
October 6, 2011
RT @newsrewired: .@xdamman explaining how Storify can be used to cover conferences. We’re planning to produce one later. #newsrw #2A
October 6, 2011
Xavier Damman gives recent examples of storify – including today’s story tables of Steve Jobs’s death.

The World Reacts To Steve Jobs’ Death

Steve Jobs: The world remembers


The Entrepreneur is live blogging a talk by @Storify co-founder @xdamman here: #newsrw #2a
October 6, 2011
I’ve mixed feelings about Storify. I like it for rounding up tweets on an event but I feel that it’s often used inappropriately. #newsrw
October 6, 2011

You can turn stories into slideshows & have other visualisations. Storify has deep emotional impact.

Great example, see prev tweet, from Straits Times #newsrw
October 6, 2011
Did an experiement in printing a storify and was really succesful.

Imagine there’s no heaven

Twitter’s people tribute to John Lennon. “Imagine” lyrics mentioned in an open and transparent conversation. Last link gives you the song.

Xavier ends with: “We should rebrand journalists as “informatino engineers” – for the first time in history we don’t have only 3,000 reporters from the agencies, we have millions of reporters and we need to make sense of it all.”
Skipped from #2a to #2b at #newsrw – very interesting combination of focus on quality *and* profitability simultaneously. Ambitious realism.
October 6, 2011
Really enjoyed @xdamman ‘s great talk about @storify – great emphasis on making sense of big issues #newsrw
October 6, 2011
RT @journalism_live: Storify is looking into creating a mobile app, says @xdamman answering question at #newsrw #2a
October 6, 2011
RT @noodlepie: Er… Why? RT @journalism_live “We should re-brand journalists as information engineers”, says @xdamman #newsrw #2A #utterbollocks
October 6, 2011


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  1. Good post, and thanks for covering – I couldn’t make this session, so very useful. Was there much talk about video/audio as tools for storytelling in this session?

    Ed Walker (@ed_walker86)

    October 7, 2011 at 10:31 am

  2. Actually funnily enough Adam Westbrook said he thought videoing conferences was an entirely inappropriate way to tell the story of the conference session – which was refreshing to here. It sort of makes the point that there’s no reason to use video just because you can – the point everyone made was pick the right tool to tell the story in the best way. Nothing too new but good to remember with lots of tools popping up.


    October 7, 2011 at 10:59 am

  3. Nice – thanks Han. But no specific examples or anything of stories told well through video/audio?

    Ed Walker (@ed_walker86)

    October 7, 2011 at 12:43 pm

  4. Erm – no none that I can remember – was more good stories told through other tools. like Stephen talking about London Fashion Week stories being told through Tumblr or Troy Davis execution through Storify. Other might be able to give any examples of video and audio but the other tools were the most talked about.


    October 7, 2011 at 12:47 pm

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