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Seven ways to make money online

Cardiff’s women in tech were recently lured to the latest Cardiff geek girl dinner with a talk entitled ‘make money from your online content‘.

Approaching the topic with a huge dollop of scepticism that one man could in seven bullet points give the hidden secret causing so many online publishers constant fury, I actually came away pleasantly surprised.

Now I’m not promising seven steps to millionairedom – but Miles Galliford, co-founder of, gave seven bite-sized easily-digestible ideas which might help towards getting some petty cash to make a website not-for-loss. Read the rest of this entry »


Notes from #TAL11 – Talk About Local Unconference 2011

The first Talk About Local event in Cardiff was a great success!

This Saturday saw the hyperlocal collective make its windy way along the stuffy Southwest train system to Cardiff (via Crewe) for the Talk About Local Unconference 2011.

The first event of its kind in Wales, online publishers and bloggers with an interest in their local area met at the Atrium for a day of sharing ideas and making news ones, with a great contingent from Cardiff and Welsh language representing the locality.

The day kicked off with a quick fire round of game show round of pitching ideas which were organised into sessions using the unconference-friendly post-it note system.

Organising discussion ideas into sessionsSessions ran throughout the day within the sunny glass walls of the Atrium – with much pastry-munching, tweeting and networking inbetween. Here are some notes I took from a few sessions I went to (I didn’t take any notes in the council session or ‘I’m a hyperlocal celebrity get me out of here’ – but both were great and informative debates).

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Written by hrwaldram

April 3, 2011 at 11:47 am

Hyperlocal blogging as a lifestyle choice

With hyperlocal publishers coming to Cardiff for the Talk About Local Unconference tomorrrow I thought I’d expand on idea which I flouted in the TAL11 Google group.

‘Should hyperlocal blogging have to be a lifestyle choice?’ is a question I’ve been mulling over since someone raised the point at the Demark hyperlocal conference I attended in February.

Bjarne Hansen has been running for ten years with much success, He’s making a living off the blog, and he has become somewhat a local news celebrity on the island. When asked by an attendee if he felt like the blog had taken over his life he said ‘yes, most definitely. It’s a lifestyle choice’.

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Written by hrwaldram

April 1, 2011 at 2:36 pm