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News:rewired – What’s next for ‘niche’?

Tomorrow I’m speaking at News:Rewired – The Nouveau Niche. The panel I’m talking on is called ‘What’s next for niche?’ – essentially it’s going to be a debate about some of the tools journalists can use to help them work online.

The blurb for the afternoon discussion is:

The best minds in online journalism and digital publishing come together to discuss what tools, techniques and platforms specialist journalists should be looking towards.

Other speakers on the panel include Kevin Anderson, Ciaran Norris, Philip Trippenbach and Suzanne Kavanagh. I’m not sure I’d consider myself a ‘best mind’ but I’ll be there to explain a little about some of the tools and technology I use professionally on a day to day basis.

Here’s a little slide showing some of the tools I use:

Who knows where the discussion on ‘what’s next for niche’ will go. But here are some thoughts of mine on the topic:

  • Something old news could learn from online community sites – collaboration is an impressive ‘tool’ for developing a vibrant community which you will find is vital to building your ‘niche’ and sustaining it
  • Moving on from this point, instead of exploiting free labour from workies how can we motivate the community to increased civic engagement in an area and how can we enable the movers and shakers who are already active to increase online social capital? What tools could we use for this – Openly Local, My Society and Help Me Investigate are great examples
  • As local governments release more and more data are journalists going to need to get some developer skills or find online tools to help them digest it? Tools such as Many Eyes and Zeemap are a step in the right direction for visualising data – where do we see this going? (See this recent post by Will Perrin rounding up how hyperlocal sites digested the budget)

I’m interested to find out other people’s ideas for the future of tools used in niche journalism (I think I’m eager to dispose quickly of this word ‘niche’ and replace it with community-based journalism if that makes more sense). Let me know what you think in comments.

Also, if you can’t make it to the event there are a number of ways you can follow what’s going on.

Written by hrwaldram

June 24, 2010 at 6:28 pm

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