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Blogging is dead?

The today programme has finally got round to discussing blogging and Twitter. Robin Hammam and Kate Bevan talked about it on the today programme this morning. 

Robin Hammam said that tools such as Twitter are taking over the blogosphere because non-paid citizen journalists are fed up with the fact the blog has been taken over by the professionals. They have turned to Twitter to express short snippets of information, views and links instead of blogging about them because their blogs are no longer read as they have become swamped by the wealth of interesting material being churned out by those being paid for it.

But this wasn’t the entire gist of the debate, as it was conceeded that blogs will still generate online conversations and remain a popular medium for debating issues as more and more users come to understand the platform. It does suggest, however, that the orginial bloggers have become tired of written long blogs and are beginning to prefer the satiasfaction of a small soundbite.

It is nice that the today programme is catching up with pioneers of Web 2.0. Now my mum even knows what Twitter is, which means, as it did with facebook, a new media platform is due to spring up from the cyber-soil.


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October 23, 2008 at 10:21 am

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